Mediation includes the following:
  • A one hour needs-analysis with the person initiating the mediation (initial consultation)
  • A two hour one-on-one session with each party.
  • A joint mediation session – The number and length of actual sessions required is difficult to determine beforehand and largely depends on the complexity of the problems brought to the mediation. Bear in mind that this price includes preparation, follow-up and admin.

There may be two mediators present to secure high quality mediation, in our practice we do not increase the fees when we have a co-mediator present.


Step 1: We talk to you about your conflict. Email or text us to set up a session to discuss the context. (Needs analysis)

Step 2: We or you approach the person or people involved, and return to us these legal forms. Mediation is a voluntary process and will need all parties to be willing.

Step 3: The mediator will speak on the phone or  meet in person with all parties before the mediation to get some background and understanding of the case including any documents you would like them to read.

Step 4: You think about and prepare your ‘opening statement’. This is a chance for you to be heard at the beginning of the mediation.

Step 5: On the day of mediation everybody meets in a central place for the mediator to introduce the mediation process.

Step 6: The mediator finds the real interests behind each person’s position, connecting to each of their needs, and helps stimulate creative solutions. The mediator may also help you state your requests in a way that other people are likely to receive well.

Step 7:  The mediator drafts a settlement agreement which includes all the issues at stake. It may be possible to sign a legally binding agreement on the same day.  In some cases this agreement is drafted and signed the following day.

Or A settlement is not reached. In these cases you have the choice to either proceed to court (with a clearer view of your position) or to set a date to mediate again or to work with self mediation.

“It was a great challenge to face issues that have caused ongoing conflict and to talk them through after so much pain and trauma has been experienced around them. So I was very grateful for the supportive environment Tara and Samantha created. I felt truly held. It was like they were providing a bridge across an abyss. Processing the traumatic issues in the framework of this mediation helped to neutralize some of the energy around them, allowing a fresh perspective on them. It also allowed levels of forgiveness to happen.”  – Helena Doe Kingwill, freelance writer and filmmaker

“Many thanks to you all for making the time for us to begin to untangle what has been causing much pain.
Yes it was hard going, very intense and exhausting! I hope and trust that the possibility of a new way of being together can grow in time.”  – Paula, art therapist