Facilitation is a great solution when sensitive matters are at stake. This can be a less intense and more organic process than an official one-day mediation.

Step 1: The mediator discusses with you the nature and context of the dispute. Together you map out how best to approach the people involved.

Step 2: Facilitation takes the form of the mediator talking with various parties separately or together in locations which are comfortable for them.

Step 3: Talks with the different parties may happen over several weeks, after which the mediator can draw up a binding agreement that covers all the issues of the dispute.

A mediation typically involves:

  • 1 hour needs-analysis with the person initiating the mediation (initial consultation)
  • A two hour one-on-one session with each party.
  • Joint facilitated session – Each facilitation session usually lasts 2 hours. The number of actual sessions required is difficult to determine beforehand and largely depends on the complexity of the problems brought to the conversation. Bear in mind that this price includes preparation, follow-up and admin.

There may be two mediating facilitators present to secure high quality mediation, in our practice we do not increase the fees when we have a co-mediator present.