Empathy is presence without pressure. In our own lives, we have found that giving and receiving is tremendously supportive and key to our resilience in facing what life brings. In these personal empathy sessions we will offer our presence and deep listening to allow you to connect with what is profoundly important to you. From this sense of spaciousness within yourself you may find clarity naturally arising about what you want to do next. This spaciousness allows you to be in real choice, rather than reactivity.

An empathy session would consist of any combination of the following, depending on what is alive for you:

  • Self-Empathy – understanding your own feelings and needs when something happened that you did not enjoy.
  • Seeing the situation/conflict through the eyes of the other person/people involved – imagining & guessing their feelings and needs.
  • Role-play practice:  playing the roles of yourself, mediator, the other person
  • Brainstorming of possible strategies that could meet everyone’s needs.
  • Envisioning the best outcomes for the scenarios you anticipate facing.

In the process of exploring these, you would also be learning tools for handling future scenarios in a way that enriches your life.

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