An introduction to Effective Communication* 


This workshop will expose participants to the basic strategies and skills of Effective Communication. Workshops are for individuals only, not organisations. 


  • Participants opt in to complete the full 3 module trajectory in basic training, to be completed within a 2 year timeframe. This includes the Basic training module in Self-expression followed by the Empathy module and Integration module. 


‘What is alive in me.’ – 2 day (14 hour) beginner’s training.

In this two-day introduction training module, we will explore the 4-step process of Effective Communication: Observations, feelings, needs and requests. We will focus on connection to “what is alive in me?” and get an understanding of what the driving forces are behind my behaviour.  We will be learning to distinguish between observations and evaluations that affect how we respond to situations. We will be learning self-expression skills – becoming aware of and expressing my personal needs.

Aside from the theoretical components, there will be much playful learning in small groups and pairs. We encourage that participants bring issues that they would like to work on, to work on transforming those during these two days.

  • Observation or evaluation
  • Feelings or thoughts
  • Exploring common human values and strategies
  • Demands or requests


‘What is alive in me and in the other?’ – 2 day (14 hour) training. Participants need to have completed the introduction training module before starting this module.

The learning of the Basic Introduction Training is now applied to the other in this 2-day training, working on how you relate to your colleague, supervisor, or for example, a client, etc. : “What is going on in me and in others.”

You will learn to “listen” and hear your colleagues, clients or friends in a new way and connect more easily to their needs.  You will get a thorough understanding of what lies behind their words and behaviour. Some of the topics we will cover and practice are:

  • Self-empathy
  • Empty listening
  • Silent empathy
  • Reflecting back
  • Articulating the feelings and needs of others
  • Hearing a ‘No’
  • Holding empathic presence


We recommend that we split this 2 day training into seven 2 hour sessions spread over a 6-12 month period, to help integrate practice in the workplace.

After completing the first two modules, participants now have a grasp of the basics of Effective Communication. This module is aimed to help integrate this practice in the workplace. While participants will have worked with certain cases studies during the first 4 days, this trajectory is designed to help them handle situations at the workplace as new ones emerge. For example, how do I continue to stay empathic and connected when strong emotions of anger or disappointment are present? Is it ok to be vulnerable at work or not?

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“I realised that I was very selfish when communicating, as I found people being very rude towards my requests. But in the mean time I only took my own needs in considerations and perhaps not communicated it well so that I could be understood.
So the impact it had on my life is that I now listen before I speak and trying to open up the communication channel so that I can also express my feelings in a way that I can be better understood.
Thank you for sharing this with us. Already we are more connected and I believe this will make a huge difference going forward.”

Melanie Joubert, Guest Relations Manager, The Hydro, Stellenbosch

“I found the training informative and a real eye opening experience. It gave me the tools to communicate better, not just verbally, but also being aware of what I say non verbally. I am a lot more aware of what people say and now have the ability to distinguish for myself whether I’m sympathetically or empathetically listening and reflecting. I have learned to be less hard on myself and have more self- empathy and that everyone else’s feelings isn’t necessarily something that I have to or can fix, but rather to sometimes just listen. I have a lot to learn still on how to effectively communicate, but I’m grateful for the knowledge that I have gained from both of you.”

Lezanne Coert, Spa Manager, The Hydro, Stellenbosch

“Thank you so much for making me realise that there is a whole different world out there. Thank you for making me realise who and what I am. “

Manager, The Hydro, Stellenbosch

“My life is so different today because of the Language That Works workshop. Learning how to see and hear my feelings and needs, with curiosity, has allowed me to understand myself and others in a profound way. This workshop taught me how to meet myself in a place of self-empathy, no matter what the circumstances or the environment. I feel empowered to be (more) fully myself.”

Jacqueline Du Plessis