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The greatest gift we can give to another is our presence. Is this true for you?

Empathy: presence without pressure  Find out more about online empathy sessions here. As a child and teenager, I longed to be listened to, without being judged, without receiving advice, without being interrogated, without comparisons to someone else’s children, without hearing frightening analyses of what happens to “people like me”. At a family dinner when I […]

Do you need clarity around a difficult situation?

Online empathic listening sessions: How often does someone truly listen to you, without giving advice or trying to ‘fix’ you? Do you long to feel really seen and heard? Would you like a ‘sounding board’ to help you gain clarity at times when you are feeling confused? Is personal growth something you really care about? […]

Do you want to learn to communicate more effectively?

“Successful companies combine the elements of a needs-based consciousness and empathic connection. Even in hierarchical systems… the more empathic the people were, the higher the level of leadership and manager performance.” Marie R. Miyashiro. The following is a list of needs for the workplace, as taken from Marie’s book, The Empathy Factor It is based […]