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A three-day NVC retreat with Nicholas Burnand: Empathy – Freedom from suffering. This was a three-day NVC retreat we hosted near Cape Town, in October 2017. The main focus of the retreat was on direct experiencing primarily through dyad work but also through individual and group processes, including body-work and integration time in nature. These […]

By Samantha Wittenberg Imagine experiencing deep connection with your colleagues, being seen and heard and understood by your employer, being free to express yourself honestly at work. Imagine your work environment being a safe, warm and nurturing space where everyone is empowered and encouraged to share, collaborate and co-create. Does this sound like an impossible […]

Empathy: presence without pressure  Find out more about online empathy sessions here. As a child and teenager, I longed to be listened to, without being judged, without receiving advice, without being interrogated, without comparisons to someone else’s children, without hearing frightening analyses of what happens to “people like me”. At a family dinner when I […]

THE LANGUAGE THAT WORKS TEAM Sarah Dekker, Tara Wood and Samantha Wittenberg were drawn together by their shared love and delight in being able to communicate openly, deeply and honestly using Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We have been able to celebrate together the juicy and exciting events, as well as receiving empathy for the prickly and […]

Online empathic listening sessions: How often does someone truly listen to you, without giving advice or trying to ‘fix’ you? Do you long to feel really seen and heard? Would you like a ‘sounding board’ to help you gain clarity at times when you are feeling confused? Is personal growth something you really care about? […]

Do you need some empathy, support and inspiration around putting Nonviolent Communication into practice? Find out about our new Facebook Forum below… Shortly after uprooting myself from South Africa and arriving in Australia a few months ago, I urgently needed to find a place to stay with my daughter, to get some distance from a […]

Once a week, a group of people wanting to learn and practice a new way of communicating, gather in Cape Town. This new consciousness can be called Nonviolent Communication or Compassionate Communication and was developed by Marshall Rosenberg. Occasionally someone will say: “I have no needs.” Nonviolent Communication sees needs (you might prefer to think […]