Does your organization, your team, your staff need another stimulus or have a particular conflict in the workplace that needs resolving, and want to apply the principles of Effective Communication in a manner that is directly related to the challenges you face?

Based on your description of the situation you would like to work on, we collaborate with you and design a workshop together that meets your needs and goals.

Due to the interactive nature of the workshops that we co-create with you, changes in the programme might occur during the workshop itself as participants indicate different needs to the ones we had anticipated. We might need to adjust the direction and content of the workshops as we go along. We chose to work with staff around what is alive for them right now, in the moment, as this would prove more effective for the organisation in the long run.

*Teachings based on the methods of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. For more information visit

“I have gained more than just learning to communicate better. Being able to connect with the two of you made the process though difficult at times for my own vulnerability, much easier because of the vulnerability and sincerity you displayed. I am happy that we could share in this way. I have felt the impact especially in my interactions with my fellow employees. Our first management meeting was a resounding success with clear decisions being made. I have realised that having one’s own needs fulfilled first is important and I have learned to articulate my needs so much better. This has enabled me to listen and meet the needs of those that I interact with better. I try to reflect accurately what is being shared with me but I still find myself wanting to sympathise from time to time.

I think that my crocodile responses have decreased but this is me marking my own exam paper! Overall I have experienced from the others who have completed the training, a level of kindness I have not experienced before and an acknowledgement of each other as human beings.”

Colleen du Preez, Financial Manager at The Hydro, Stellenbosch

“Dear Misty, Sarah and Tara
I loved the way you all brought your own identity and individuality to the presentation of the work.

Sharing of the work was seamless and flowed beautifully.

Now that I have had time to digest and reflect on the methodology, I can see how NVC is valuable to all communication and interactions with other people… but oh so applicable to my self- talk!”

Carol Scrooby, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist