NVC Facilitator Training

Please note – due to Covid-19, this training is postponed until further notice. Find out about our current online offers at www.compassion-courses.com

Join a 2-year program with CNVC Trainers Sarah Dekker and Nic Burnand.

Who is this training for?

This two-year program is for anyone enthusiastic and keen to share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in a personal or professional capacity. It is for those who already have a basic understanding of the essence of NVC and wish to live, embody, deepen their NVC practice (so also if you have no ambitions to become a trainer). If you are interested in certification with CNVC, facilitating practice groups, offering public workshops, hosting NVC sessions for colleagues or bringing NVC to your school/organization, then this training would be a great boost. For those of you on the road to certification with CNVC, this program would contribute 16 days to the 50 days of training required for your portfolio.

Our intention is to offer safe learning spaces and guidance specific to sharing NVC in a way that is in line with NVC consciousness. We hope to build your confidence and ease in creating workshops, playing with different ways to present NVC, engaging with your participants, and empowering trainers to share in a way that embodies NVC consciousness, all while having fun!

The program includes two live 3-day modules per year and four online mentoring calls per year.  We will be working with a small fixed group of participants (10-14) as this will contribute to depth and safety in the sessions. Our intentions is that these gatherings will contribute to coming together as a learning community, and developing a sense of both personal and collective purpose.

What will the program include?

The focus of this training will be a practice of living and sharing NVC consciousness and building your NVC knowledge and skills to share NVC.

We will cover areas such as:

  • Theory and practice
  • Sharing learning activities with each other
  • Planning and trying out parts of your workshop
  • Practice using workshop materials (playing cards, LTW worksheets, NVC dance floors)
  • Dealing with anger and how to turn conflict into an opportunity for connection
  • Receiving participant feedback and how to respond to difficult messages (e.g. “This is bullshit”)
  • Practising offering each other feedback and distinguishing feedback from honest self-expression
  • Exploring our relationship to the domination or partnership paradigm – Our ‘power-with’ attitude as NVC facilitators and possibly our role as certification candidates, or relation to Assessors
  • Group decision making process’s
  • Deepening training on topics of your choice (guilt, anger, mediation, etc.)
  • Key differentiations – learning the terminology and key distinctions
  • Finding your trust, strength, and voice
  • Managing conflicts in the group
  • Offering empathy in a natural and fluid manner
  • Learning to take responsibility for triggers

Course details


This program will cost R14500-R8500 per year* (Sliding Scale Fee). We offer this course with the option to choose how much you wish to pay. No matter how much you pay, you will be getting the same course as everybody else. We simply trust that participants will contribute to the work of the trainers with whatever they can afford.


Once you have been accepted into the program, a R2000, non-refundable deposit will be requested. There are options for paying the remaining program costs. The first preference for payment is that the total amount for one year of the program be paid before the program begins each year. The second preference is that half-payments be paid prior to each live module.

Costs include all course materials, four live 3-day modules (incl lunches and refreshments) and quarterly online group coaching (consisting of a 3-hour call with a 15-minute break in the middle).

Note – the price excludes any travel or accommodation for participants.

Please register for the NVC Facilitator Training Program here:

    (Prerequisite to register for this course)
  • Once we have received your application, we will be in touch to set up a call to discuss your application and answer any questions.


*We took a lot of time to figure out this pricing. We really care about making NVC accessible for South Africans and growing the African trainer network. We have done our best to find a way to make this affordable for South Africans and it is a challenge to keep this offering sustainable for us. We have calculated that we would normally charge just over R23,000.00 per person per year offering this program in Belgium and we would not be incurring flight and accommodation costs.

  • At less than R8500 pp (Group of minimum 10 participants) we would only just cover logistical costs and not earn anything for our input, additional correspondence, admin & facilitation.
  • Between R8500 and R11500, we would cover costs and have a  tip left over for us.
  • Between R11500 and R14500, we would cover costs and be able to sustain our ongoing costs back in Belgium.

We regret that, currently, we are unable to offer discounts, work-trade, or financial assistance for anyone needing financial support to attend the NVC Facilitator Training program. We encourage you to creatively think of ways you can request support from family, friends, work, or your community that would enable you to attend.


Commitment Agreement

In applying to the 2021/2022 NVC Facilitator Training Program, applicants are asked to give serious consideration to their agreement to commit to the Program for two years. This Program requires a sizable commitment of both time and financial resources. Committing to the full two years of the Program allows for a depth of experience and integration over time. It also allows for a depth of community, trust, care and mutual support to develop among the participants. Should you choose to drop out mid-Program, your action will impact your fellow participants and the quality of the community experience. Each person is important to the fabric of the whole and cultivating an awareness of our interdependence is a core value of this Program. Additionally, dropping out mid-Program results in a reduction in the income that was anticipated and budgeted in order to make the Program viable, as spaces cannot be filled mid-Program. For this reason, any participant who drops out for reasons other than unforeseen emergencies will be asked to pay the remaining tuition portion of the fees for each of the two years. (Please note that in the event of unforeseen emergencies, our intention is to be in mutual collaboration with you.)

Your agreement to complete this two-year commitment meets needs for collaboration, follow-through, reliability and interdependence. We also ask that you be willing to be at each of the four modules for the entire time. A very high value is placed on the unity of the group and the cohesion of the work from the start to the finish of the time that is agreed upon to spend together. The request is that participants be willing to plan their travels in such a way that they will be able to be present for the entire time of each module, starting at 9.30am on the first day and ending at 5pm on the last day.


Module 1 – TBC

Module 2 – TBC

Module 3 – TBC

Module 4 – TBC


About the Facilitators

photo of Sarah DekkerSarah Dekker heads up Language that Works in South Africa and works as a Nonviolent Communication Trainer (CNVC-certified). Sarah was first introduced and drawn to practicing NVC in 2003 and has actively facilitated practice groups, mediation, workshops and retreats in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng since 2012. She is currently based in Belgium and together with her partner Nic offers safe spaces for people for healing and personal growth. In Europe she’s attended NVC training for trainers, International Intensive Training (IIT), NVC in Parenting & Education, NVC summer festivals, ‘Awakening to Life Intensives’ and attended introduction and empathy workshops with numerous other NVC trainers. Prior to this she worked in communications and marketing in both the corporate and non-profit sector for fourteen years. She is also a certified facilitator for Gender Equity & Reconciliation International. Sarah is passionate about contributing to healing, connection and understanding between all beings.

Contact sarah@languagethatworks.co.za for more information.


Nic Burnand is a CNVC-Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer. He came into contact with NVC in 2009. He became particularly drawn to NVC as an authentic communication practice that can be used in daily life to restore connection. Nic is passionate about finding ways to engage in life in peaceful and fulfilling ways. Having travelled to and lived in 20 different countries on 3 continents he has a solid foundation from which to connect with people from all walks of life. Nic is a board member of Stichting Transformi, an organisation that is forming partnerships to facilitate bringing NVC from  resource-rich to resource-poor areas.

Nic offers coaching, therapy, mediation, workshops, and programs in organisations, and is dedicated to sharing, and living Nonviolent Communication.

See also www.compassionate-self.com


‘I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.’ –Albert Einstein