NVC 6-week Foundation course

Join us from the comfort of your home

Learn powerful tools for life.

Based on the practices and principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), this course is a unique opportunity to learn and practice new skills with a small committed group.

Discover new approaches to make your conversations succeed, even when they are about touchy subjects. Feel more confident to express yourself and learn new ways to listen to and understand each other.

Use NVC tools to transform dialogue with your partner, talk to your children, with colleagues at work, relate to your parents and siblings, in business with your clients, be more honest with a friend, or to gain more self-awareness. They invite us to evolve slowly but surely towards collaborative, respectful relationships enhancing productivity, synergy and creativity.

In these six sessions we will explore the basic steps of NVC, learning and engaging through various interactive exercises. We will provide notes, video clips and suggest things to practice and try out in daily life in between sessions.

We will be covering the same tools as in our 2-day introductory workshops. Watch a video here with feedback from participants:

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Note – If you are on a tight budget, we offer a special rate for people living in Africa. Simply enter coupon code UBUNTU at the check-out.  We offer a further discount for past students who wish to do a refresher. 

“I’d been curious about NVC for a while, and I’m so glad that I took this course. I feel confident in practising further the skills I’ve been taught over the past 6 weeks. I am grateful that I feel less and less afraid of conflict situations.

Learning how to see and hear my feelings and needs, with curiosity, as allowed me to understand myself and others in a profound way. Sarah has a gift for teaching and sharing this wisdom which she embodies. I learn so much from her each time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am FOREVER changed.”
Jacqueline du Plessis, Marketing & Creative Director

“I feel lighter at work and at home after the effective communication training. I’ve noticed how my check-in’s have changed from anxious & nervous to content, happy and relaxed. Thank you once again for the experience. I believe that the training has enriched my life and my understanding and connection with all those around me!”
Robyn Langenhoven, Health Consultant at The Hydro, Stellenbosch


photo of Sarah DekkerSarah Dekker heads up Language that Works in South Africa and works as a Nonviolent Communication Trainer (CNVC-certified). Sarah was first introduced and drawn to practising NVC in 2003 and has actively facilitated practice groups, mediation, workshops and retreats in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng since 2012. She is currently based in Belgium and together with her partner Nic offers safe spaces for people for healing and personal growth. In Europe she’s attended NVC training for trainers, International Intensive Training (IIT), NVC in Parenting & Education, NVC summer festivals, ‘Awakening to Life Intensives’ and attended introduction and empathy workshops with numerous other NVC trainers. Prior to this, she worked in communications and marketing in both the corporate and non-profit sector for fourteen years. She is also a certified facilitator for Gender Equity & Reconciliation International. Sarah is passionate about contributing to healing, connection and understanding between all beings.

Contact sarah@languagethatworks.co.za for more information.


Nic Burnand is a CNVC-Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer. He came into contact with NVC in 2009. He became particularly drawn to NVC as an authentic communication practice that can be used in daily life to restore connection. Nic is passionate about finding ways to engage in life in peaceful and fulfilling ways. Having travelled to and lived in 20 different countries on 3 continents he has a solid foundation from which to connect with people from all walks of life. Nic is a board member of Stichting Transformi, an organisation that is forming partnerships to facilitate bringing NVC from resource-rich to resource-poor areas.

Nic offers coaching, therapy, mediation, workshops, and programs in organisations, and is dedicated to sharing, and living Nonviolent Communication.

See also www.compassionate-self.com