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Experience what a 3 day NVC retreat with Language that Works is like.

A three-day NVC retreat with Nicholas Burnand:

Empathy – Freedom from suffering. This was a three-day NVC retreat we hosted near Cape Town, in October 2017.

The main focus of the retreat was on direct experiencing primarily through dyad work but also through individual and group processes, including body-work and integration time in nature.
These were three days of experiential exploration in which we invited deep inquiry into the inner world.

The program was rooted in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a methodology, which was developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg.

Contact us to organize a retreat or join one of our upcoming events – info@languagethatworks.co.za

Facilitation and organizing by Nic Burnand,
Organizing and support by Sarah Dekker,
Script & music by Jacqueline du Plessis,
Filming & editing by Matthew Kalil,
Location: Samadhi Retreats in Grotto Bay Private Nature Reserve

A big thank you to all who participated! 🙂