Effective Communication two-Day Training

Personal and organisational skills development

Dates: 17 & 18 October 2017
Times: 8.30am – 5pm
Venue: Cape Town
Cost: R3500 per person. 15% discount for NPOs. 10% discount for groups of 4 or more.

  • Improve individual and team productivity
  • Reduce workplace conflict and stress
  • Be more efficient and effective in meetings
  • Give and receive feedback in a way that leads to connection and understanding
  • Effectively handle difficult conversations
  • Learn to truly listen and understand the needs of others.
  • Learn to make clear and direct requests
  • Transform assumptions and misunderstandings into opportunities to connect and, or collaborate.

Join CNVC certified Trainer Nicholas Burnand (Blabla in Belgium) and Sarah Dekker (Language that Works in Cape Town) for a special two-day training in Effective Communication. Based on the time-tested methodology of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), our course is designed to help your team communicate authentically and effectively with each other, with management, with customers and suppliers.

Nonviolent Communication tools enable us to truly listen to ourselves and others in order to come up with joint solutions that best meet the needs of all parties involved. They invite us to depart from the conventional scenario of the company leader who exercises power ‘over’ his/her staff members to evolve slowly but surely towards collaborative, respectful ‘power-with’ relationships enhancing productivity, synergy and creativity

Places are limited and booking is essential.
Cost of R3500 per person includes course materials and refreshments.
15% discount for NPOs and/or 10% discount for groups of 4 or more

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For more information call Sarah on +27 73 960 3406 or write to sarah@languagethatworks.co.za

COURSE DATES: 17 & 18 October 2017
TIME: 8.30am – 5pm
VENUE: Cape Town
COST: R3500 per person.
15% discount for NPOs and/or 10% discount for groups of 4 or more


Contact Sarah: +27 73 960 3406



Nicholas Burnand is a CNVC certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. He offers coaching, therapy, mediation, workshops and programs in organisations and is dedicated to sharing, and living Nonviolent Communication. Having travelled to and lived in 20 different countries, he enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life.

Nic currently works as a trainer with Team Blabla in Belgium. He is also a board member of Stichting Transformi, an organisation that is forming partnerships to facilitate bringing NVC from resource rich to resource poor areas in the world. Nic has trained with various NVC trainers, including participation in the 2-year Euro Life program led by Robert Gonzales. He first came into contact with NVC in 2009 and was particularly drawn to this methodology as an authentic communication practice that can be used in daily life to restore connection.



Sarah Dekker is a partner and trainer at Language that Works in Cape Town and trained in Nonviolent Communication and Mediation.

Sarah also serves as an executive board member of Tri-Nexus SCS, a South African not-for-profit dedicated to social empowerment, using principles of NVC.  Sarah was first introduced and drawn to practicing NVC in 2003 and has actively facilitated practice groups, mediations and workshops in Cape Town and Gauteng since 2012.

Prior to this she worked in communications and marketing in both the corporate and non-profit sector for fourteen years. She studied Language & Cultural Studies at the University of Utrecht, including Visual, Conflict and Gender studies.  She was a Regional Business Achiever Awards finalist in 2014 with the BWA SA. She is a certified facilitator for Gender Equity & Reconciliation International. Sarah is passionate about contributing to healing, connection and understanding between all beings.



“I’m writing to show my appreciation and gratitude. A spiritual guide, a conscientious and natural leader, with a heart as big as the world. A course worth the time and effort. Visionary and couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”    – Donna Charlton, Director at Charlton PPMS

“I feel lighter at work and at home after the effective communication training. I’ve noticed how my check-in’s have changed from anxious & nervous to content, happy and relaxed. Thank you once again for the experience. I believe that the training has enriched my life and my understanding and connection with all those around me!”  – Robyn Langenhoven, Health Consultant at The Hydro, Stellenbosch

“Learning Effective Communication techniques […] has made a huge difference in my ability to really listen to and understand myself and other people”. – Laura Knightly-Brown, Brightsource Marketing Communications, Cheltenham, UK.

“You can’t force ideas and creativity. You can’t instruct people to be collaborative. You can’t buy honest communication. You can foster an office culture where human creativity, communication and natural co-operation flourish and abound. Creating this culture is the new frontier of efficiency for companies in our modern era.” Tara Wood, NVC mediator, Cape Town