Knowmads Learning Experience

Language that Works will be collaborating with Knowmads Cape Town on this exciting course. Sarah Dekker will be part of their trainers network. They have a 1-month course in May coming up at which she will co-facilitate one evening.


We want to take you on a innovative learning experience that will cover the topics:
Week 1: 9th&10th – Personal Development & Self-Leadership
Week 2: 16th&17th – Communication (NVC)
Week 3: 23rd&24th – New business design (Design Thinking)
Week 4: 30th&31st – Personal branding & Marketing

The program will happen every Tuesday and Wednesday evening of the month May from 18:00 till 21:30. Workshops are given by professionals in their field. Please check Knowmads Facebook page to more details:

Please visit the website to discover more: